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Express bag manufacturers which do professional?

Source:   Time:2020-10-08

In the Internet more and more into the life of the public, led to do e-commerce enterprises, express industry is also more stubborn, in the interlocking. Express industry is to plastic bag manufacturers another delicacy - Express bag! In the optimistic prospect, our company is committed to improve the speed of bag making for customers, reduce costs, and make practical bag making machines.

Let's first popularize the knowledge of express bags: Express bags are not the same style and material. For example: compared with other e-commerce companies, JD express bags are quite different. Ordinary express delivery generally uses LDPE as the main material, while JD adopts HDPE with good tensile force and high bearing capacity as the main material, and adds a tear opening on the bag. After the buyer receives the baby, he can get the baby by gently tearing it. At this time, do not throw the bag at first, but there is a tear under the easy tear opening A hand-held hole mold, as long as the hand-held hole mold is torn, it becomes a shopping bag. There is also a folding bottom organ at the bottom of Jingdong express bag (I suggest that online merchants can use this type of express bag). And to this kind of express bag, we suggest you buy a bag making machine with automatic feeding + automatic folding + glue spraying + glue breaking + punching + sealing and cutting.

So let's take a look at the benefits of each feature?

One: automatic feeding, as the name implies, is the machine automatically roll up the film coil material. Generally, the single piece of express bag winding is relatively large, which is mainly to improve the work efficiency of employees and reduce the potential safety hazard.

2: Automatic folding, automatic folding is installed in the bag making integration, the purpose of this process is more convenient for printing.

3: Spray glue, three years ago, many express bags were still using adhesive tape as adhesive, but now they are slowly replacing it with spray adhesive type, because compared with adhesive tape type, spray glue type can reduce the cost by 30% to 50%.

The fourth is to break the glue, which has many advantages.

5: Punching, not all express bags need punching, and not all punching machines can keep up with the speed of the machine, because the punching machine is controlled by air. If the punching machine is not selected properly, it is difficult to keep up with the sealing and cutting speed of the machine.

6: Seal cutting, sealing cutting is a part of the whole mechanism key, so our company is very strict in the design and material selection of the cutter, because the material directly affects the usability of the cutter, and the design directly affects the firmness of the sealing. So everyone in the selection of express bag bag bag machine must choose professional manufacturers.

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