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What kind of glue is sealing glue for express bags?

Source:   Time:2020-10-08

The glue on the express bag is not called double-sided adhesive. Someone asked me, how can the double-sided adhesive on the express bag not stick? Hearing the word "double-sided adhesive", I have to share what kind of glue is used in the production of express bags in our express bag factory. Otherwise, some plastic bags will think that the glue used is double-sided adhesive when making express bags. Express bags are a kind of confidential transportation plastic bags. Their function is not only to package products, but also to protect the confidentiality of products The plastic bag that can be used once will be damaged if the product is folded in the middle of the way. This is the glue that plays a role. Therefore, the sealing glue used in express bag can not be double-sided adhesive. Its scientific name is: pressure sensitive adhesive is a kind of solid-state adhesive, which can only be used once after heating That is to say, if the opening of the express bag is stuck with this adhesive, and then opened, the plastic bag must be broken and will not be used again, thus protecting the privacy of your product. Therefore, the sealing adhesive used for express bag is pressure sensitive adhesive, also known as thermosol

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