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Bio-bubble degradable electronic products packaging bag, PCB


Logo                       Xiangfa or customizable Material PLA+PBA/PBAT
Colors Blue, customizable Dimension                        10*8*0.5 mm & customizable
Thickness 0.015 mm Loading weight 1 kg
Degradation rate 100% Degradable time 180 days

The degradable film combined by 5 layers of biodegradable PAT films. The degradable bubble bag incorporates the degradation agent into the plastic during the film blowing process, uses the produced degradable bubble film, uses high-pressure polyethylene bubble film to cut the film, cut the bubble film into the size of the bag, and then pass the bubble film.
Degradable plastic packaging, plastic degradable bubble bags, specifications of size, colors could be customized; waterproof, shockproof, suitable for circuit board transfer, mobile phone packaging, and industrial product packaging. 100% degradation after burying for 180 days. It is an environmentally friendly packaging material.

Biodegradable bags customized for PCBA, mobile phone shipping packaging, anti-crash, anti-vibration. This bubble mailers is a very economic and convenient for express company. Our company corporation with SF express company these years, they purchasing 30 billion of this poly mailers per year. AS express industrial rapid development the mailing bags application very widely,it is compostable maile or biodegradable mailer which could 100% degradable within 180 days.

The company have collaborated with Photosynthetic Biology and Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry closely. Using the degradable plastic raw material solutions by they provide, we offered our customers with the highest quality degradable packaging products and take due responsibility for the cause of green environmental protection.

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